Cascade Elementary – Kennewick, WA

Sunset View, Cascade and Lincoln Elementary schools for the Kennewick School District (KSD) represents a comprehensive modernization of three elementary schools that were all built almost 30 years ago, and are in need of renovations to bring them up to current codes and standards and meet the District’s needs for enhanced functionality of the spaces.

The Kennewick Elementary Schools Improvements Project will provide for the same renovations and modernizations for all three school buildings and will include the following improvements for each building: improved safety, acoustics, indoor air quality, and energy performance, and ensure ADA access and compliance. An addition of approximately 8,613 square feet will be built for each of the three schools to address needed space for conferences, counseling, storage, and support services. The addition will also include a multi-purpose room, and the building will feature enhanced security control systems at the building entrance that will provide state-of-the-art card key security as well as accommodate ADA requirements. Each school serves 500 students supporting grades K-5. The following provides additional details about each of the three schools that will be renovated along with the new addition to be constructed at each school:


School Year Built Existing SF SF – New Addition Total SF
Sunset View Elementary 1981 42,353 8,627 50,980
Cascade Elementary 1982 42,353 8,613 50,966
Lincoln Elementary 1982 42,353 8,613 50,966

The Kennewick Elementary Schools Improvement Project is funded by a bond measure approved by the voters in 2009. The School District retained Strategic Construction Management, to package these three elementary schools into one project and to execute a GC/CM application for approval to the State of Washington, Capital Projects Review Board. Approval of the application would allow the Kennewick School District to take advantage of a GC/CM’s expertise in helping the District address complex scheduling issues brought about by the fact that the District has only one building for accommodating students during renovation of their school.

The approval was granted in March 2011 by the State of Washington under RCW 39.10, Alternative Public Works delivery model is the first of its kind for the Tri Cities area of Washington.

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