Mick Routh

One of the best decisions we made to date regarding our bond program was hiring Strategic.

Santa Cruz City Schools Board of Trustees

Jim Anderson

Strategic Construction Management has been a godsend for our church building project. There is considerable construction experience within our congregation, but Strategic Construction Management’s systems and up-to-date experience have made for a smoothly running project. Their participation in negotiation with the architect and contractor has saved the church additional cost. I highly recommend their services.

Board Chair
La Cañada Presbyterian Church

Christine Skinner

We hired Strategic Construction Management to act as construction manager for a very complex, multi-phased implementation of our master plan. The master plan included the demolition of several buildings, along with the construction of five buildings on a very small site, within multiple phases, all while the church continued to operate seven days a week! Strategic Construction Management has been invaluable in keeping the project on track, keeping the architect and contractor working together, and keeping the project moving.


Alden Johanson

When we recently undertook the biggest project in our 100 year history — a new field house — we soon realized that our staff needed a seasoned construction expert “on our side of the table” to help us through this complex process. Linking up with Strategic Construction Management turned out to be a real God-send for us, as we encountered some serious technical challenges along the way. Strategic Construction Management guided us through the project from beginning to end, often raising issues we wouldn’t have thought of. No detail ever seemed too small for them, but they also kept an eye on the big picture. We highly recommend their services.

Chief Operating Officer
Mount Hermon Association, Inc.

Final Report

While this may seem to be an expensive component, we believe that by hiring Strategic Construction Management there were offsetting savings due to their pro-active problem solving which prevented potential delays and huge expenses.

Bond Oversight Committee
Santa Cruz City Schools Board of Trustees