Tana Bader Inglima, Deputy CEO

The Port of Kennewick is particularly proud of the outstanding cost estimating, construction management, trouble-shooting, and project oversight performed by Strategic Construction Management (SCM) under the leadership of David L. Robison, Principal.

Port of Kennewick has relied upon the experience and expertise of this local firm all along the way—from evaluating conceptual and architectural designs and master plan documents, to contractor outreach, bid document development, distribution and procurement, to construction meetings and reports, field surveys, permitting, contractor oversight, and construction management. Throughout each of these projects SCM has delivered exceptional work; on time, on scope, and on budget. In fact, SCM not only met, but continually exceeded our expectations by finding innovative ways to address specific project needs.

Mr. Robison served as a critical liaison working to manage varied interests and multiple perspectives in shepherding projects to fruition. Indeed, he has an ability to promote broad understanding, while ensuring work remains on-task during complex and intricate projects with tight timelines and competing resources. And, by engaging his guidance and insight early, we actually saved money over the long-run.

We have found Strategic Construction Management to be an outstanding firm which is making a difference through a widely-varied construction skill-set and exceptional customer service.

Port of Kennewick
Kennewick, Washington