Michael E. Purdy Associates, LLC

David Robison is the consummate construction management professional – knowledgeable, strategic, personable, a skilled negotiator and a trustworthy consensus builder. David listens deeply to often different perspectives and solutions, draws upon his years of experience in proposing resolution of issues, brings together teams of owners, architects, contractors, and others to find the best solution to emerging issues, and does so while maintaining outstanding working relationships and earning the respect and admiration of those with whom he works. David affirms people, asks probing questions, and always seeks to develop win-win solutions where possible. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with him on multiple large scale construction projects, and I am always eager to work with him on new projects as well. David’s presence on a project is a good indicator that the project will be a success.

Public Contracting: Strategies | Solutions | Training
Seattle, WA

Steve Goldblatt

Strategic CM managed the challenging Tri-Cities Airport expansion project to achieve an on-time, under-budget finish. It was no easy task in an operating airport to balance the needs of airport administrators, TSA, and airport concessionaires with the work of the project’s design and construction team. David Robison, Principal and his team at Strategic Construction Management did a great job!

Resolve Disputes
Seattle, WA

Jean Ryckman, Commissioner

It was comforting knowing that David Robison with Strategic Construction Management, Inc. kept in mind the interests of our staff and the Port of Pasco. Their experience, common sense approach and abilities, contributed to the completion of the Tri Cities Airport Expansion and Modernization in a timely and cost effective manner. Our communities can be proud of these facilities for many years to come.

Port of Pasco
Pasco, Washington

Brian Harris AIA LEED AP, Principal

TCA has had the pleasure of working with the Strategic Construction Management team over the last several years. We have found that their team brings clarity and focus to all aspects of a project as they address both broad and specific issues. They are a team player and are advocates of reasonable and fair solutions.

Seattle, WA

Tim Dacey, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, Project Manager

I worked with David Robison and Strategic Construction Management on the delivery of a complicated, multi-phased, continually operational project. As the owner’s rep, David coordinated the efforts of the owner, the design team, and the contractor. David’s guidance resulted in a level of team work that I have seldom experienced, and led to higher level of delivery from each of us. I highly recommend David as a partner in the delivery of a construction project.

Mead & Hunt, Inc, M&H Architects, Inc.
Portland, OR

Tana Bader Inglima, Deputy CEO

The Port of Kennewick is particularly proud of the outstanding cost estimating, construction management, trouble-shooting, and project oversight performed by Strategic Construction Management (SCM) under the leadership of David L. Robison, Principal.

Port of Kennewick has relied upon the experience and expertise of this local firm all along the way—from evaluating conceptual and architectural designs and master plan documents, to contractor outreach, bid document development, distribution and procurement, to construction meetings and reports, field surveys, permitting, contractor oversight, and construction management. Throughout each of these projects SCM has delivered exceptional work; on time, on scope, and on budget. In fact, SCM not only met, but continually exceeded our expectations by finding innovative ways to address specific project needs.

Mr. Robison served as a critical liaison working to manage varied interests and multiple perspectives in shepherding projects to fruition. Indeed, he has an ability to promote broad understanding, while ensuring work remains on-task during complex and intricate projects with tight timelines and competing resources. And, by engaging his guidance and insight early, we actually saved money over the long-run.

We have found Strategic Construction Management to be an outstanding firm which is making a difference through a widely-varied construction skill-set and exceptional customer service.

Port of Kennewick
Kennewick, Washington

Doug Carl

In an effort to mitigate the risk of major capital construction projects the Kennewick School District wanted to utilize alternate public work strategies, specifically the General Contractor / Construction Manager, GC/CM process as outlined under RCW 39.10, State of Washington. This new vehicle had never been attempted by a public body in our area. We knew we needed an expert on our team to navigate the process. David Robison and his team at Strategic Construction Management were the perfect choice. David listened carefully to fully understand the goals of the district and then helped create a road map to get us there. David’s unwavering focus on the goal has led to a successful project launch. The hiring of Strategic was a great choice!

Director of Capital Projects
Kennewick School District #17
Kennewick, Washington

Charles D. Larwood

I would be happy to give your firm a great reference regarding your coordination with Caltrans. Please have your clients call me.

Intergovernmental Review Coordinator
Caltrans, Department of Transportation

David C. Breuniger

..your firm’s hand on the budget felt confining at first, but it’s what got the project from paper to dirt. The budget sacrifices that we made up front really paid off when the project got underway. We were able to see where our extra money could best be spent more clearly. It was a pleasure to have your company manage this project to final inspection.

Executive Director
Koinonia Conference Grounds

Kathleen Card

It was comforting knowing that you kept in mind the interest of the Fire District and its employees, but as custodians of our tax payers’ funds, your common sense approach resulted in the District being able to complete these projects in a timely and cost effective manner. Our communities can be proud of these facilities for years to come.

Board Chair
Central Fire Protection District of Santa Cruz County